Jane Monheit


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Jane Monheit è una cantante jazz e contemporanea con una profonda passione per il Great American Songbook. Con dieci album solisti acclamati, innumerevoli premi e riconoscimenti e oltre due decenni di esperienza in tournée internazionali, Jane non solo è stata una bandleader di grande successo, ma ha avuto il privilegio di fare musica con alcuni dei più grandi musicisti, arrangiatori e produttori nel jazz. Jane ha studiato sia alla Manhattan School Of Music che sui leggendari palcoscenici di musica a New York, e ora condivide la sua conoscenza ed esperienza con gli studenti di tutto il mondo.

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“Jane helped me appreciate my sound and incorporate it into many different styles. Never have I felt more connected and appreciated by a voice teacher in my life.”

Joie Bianco, student, Frost School Of Music, University of Miami 

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Having the opportunity to study with Jane Monheit, over the past year and some, has been nothing short of incredible, and so positive for my career as a working musician. Like so many in the world, I’ve been an excited listener for over 20 years. Little did I know though, how truly supportive, gracious, and unpretentious she would be as a teacher/mentor. That being said, I could write for days about the technical improvements I’ve made as a vocalist. (Too many to list.) Really though, what I observe to have been even more impactful than just that, is the sense of empowerment I feel as a woman in this business. She’s encouraged me continually to trust my instincts as a performer, and to never settle - to surround myself with people that have my very best interest at heart. Jane has the voice of our time, and she’s an even better teacher!

Gillian Kohn, professional vocalist