Lessons & Classes

masterclass series

Watch top performers and educators discuss their process and work one on one with singers to improve their approach.

private lessons

Work one on one with the teachers of JazzVoice.com Take one lesson or stay with the guidance of one teacher for many years

small group Classes

Have the chance to work on material with the support of other classmates

singer - skills workshops

Classes built around one topic, these sessions, mostly 45 mins, will give you tangible skills you need to up your game.

performer - skills sessions

Ask a Pro Sessions give emerging professional singers a chance to learn the business from experienced pros in different areas. Performer Skills Sessions focus on the many things that DIY singer/bandleaders need to do from getting their first paid gig, to releasing a new album. 

A monthly Networking Hang provides a chance to meet the teachers of JazzVoice.com and Industry professionals for mentoring and advice.  

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